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  • A elderly man sitting with his family
    01/09/2019 - masterpeaceinc 0 Comments
    How to Have the Talk About Deciding on Home Health Care

    Conversations surrounding home health care can be as uncomfortable as they are necessary. Although it may be tempting to avoid the discomfort or fears surrounding these conversations, putting them off can have a negative effect on the whole family. Here’s how to begin these conversations with sensitivity.

    Give Parents an Active Role


    As parents age, it may be frustrating for them to feel they have less agency in their own lives. Overlooking their opinions during the decision-making process can leave them feeling uneasy or insulted. To mitigate this, be sure to give parents an active role in the decision. This can be as simple as asking pointed questions such as, “How would you like the transition to companion home care to be handled?” Hearing their opinions out can help them adapt and adjust with more ease.

    Plan to Reevaluate

    One reason that parents may feel anxious about the idea of home health care is that it may seem to be a permanent change. Planning to reevaluate after a certain amount of time, such as three or six weeks, may alleviate their anxiety. This way, parents and children can check in and make sure that the home health care services are going as desired.

    Begin Conversations Early

    Putting these conversations off may be tempting, but it’s important to begin them before they’re necessary. This will help parents and children avoid rushing to seek care after a crisis and potentially making hasty decisions. 

    Find Happy Mediums 

    With major decisions such as these, it’s rare that parents and children will be entirely on the same page across the board. Disagreement is to be expected, but don’t let it put a stop to discussions. Try to find a happy medium instead. For example, if parents are reluctant to receive full-time home care, try starting with a few hours a week or overnight care and potentially increasing down the road. When either party pushes to get their way, it may only make tensions rise.

    During discussions about home health care, it’s also important to find a trustworthy and reliable service. For more information about MasterPeace Home Health Care’s services , call 508-758-3066 today.

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  • A doctor holding on the end of a stethoscope
    11/12/2018 - masterpeaceinc 3 Comments
    How to Communicate With a Senior Parent’s Doctor

    After years of caring for their children, there comes a time in many parents’ lives when their children will have to care for them. When the time comes, it is important for adult children to be able to communicate honestly and openly with their parents’ physicians.

    Attend Medical Appointments 

    When it comes to medical information, some language can be complicated or difficult to understand. This is why it is important to attend appointments with a senior parent, especially when it comes to treatment options or other sensitive information, in order to hear conversations firsthand. This is also an opportunity to exchange important information with the physician, including the best way that one can be reached in case of an emergency. All information learned in appointments should be shared with family members as well as trusted personal care staff.

    Get It in Writing

    Even for those with the best intentions, communication between physicians can be complicated. This is complicated further when the adult children communicating are not the patients themselves. Instead of taking physicians at face value, get everything in writing whenever possible. Now is also the time to consider a parent’s power of attorney so that it is clear who will be responsible for making decisions in case of emergencies.

    Appoint One Family Liaison 

    Although it can seem that having every member of the family involved in a parent’s care is for the best so that seniors don’t feel isolated, this can sometimes dilute or confuse things when it comes to medical care. Instead, appoint a single family liaison who will always be in contact with the physician and disseminate the information back to the family. This way, messages are less likely to get mixed up. 

    Switch If Necessary

    Sometimes, despite the best intentions, communicating with doctors can feel complicated or impossible. When all else fails, one should never feel bad about wanting to seek a new physician with whom communication may be easier.

    When it comes to personal care for seniors, family involvement and open communication between family members and physicians cannot be underestimated. If you have questions about communicating with physicians or any other concerns about senior care, get in touch with MasterPeace Home Health Care at (508) 758-3066 today to learn more about our services.

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  • A group of elderly people talking
    09/20/2018 - masterpeaceinc 1 Comment
    Three Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation

    As people age, they often experience a decline in their social connections as the ties in their social network loosen. Friends and spouses pass on, colleagues lose touch after retirement, and younger relatives may move away to start their own lives. This can all lead to isolation, harmful to not only the mental health of individuals but their physical health as well. Senior care that emphasizes social activity promotes overall wellbeing, and these three tips can help anyone caring for the elderly reduce their isolation.

    Provide Transport 

    One of the biggest (but thankfully most easily addressed) barriers to social interaction is simply a lack of adequate transportation. If seniors don’t drive, it can be very easy for them to feel stuck at home. Many cities offer free or reduced fares on public transit for seniors, and most ride-hailing apps are user-friendly enough for seniors to use with confidence. Senior care should ensure access to the world outside the home as a necessary precondition to social interaction.

    Encourage Group Learning

    As people age, it becomes harder to make friends because of busy schedules or simply the effort required to form bonds. For many, the strongest friendships are formed during high school or college. Signing up to learn a new skill can help seniors recreate some aspects of that environment. Whether it is learning a new hobby, a craft, or even a book club, a regular collective activity that engages the mind and calls on social skills will help seniors avoid isolation.

    Regular Vision and Hearing Tests

    Seniors with undiagnosed hearing or vision issues might self-isolate because of their embarrassment in not being able to communicate the way they once did. Diagnosing these issues is the first step toward solving them. The need for a hearing aid or stronger prescription lenses should not prevent seniors from engaging in social activities.

    Compassionate caregivers can provide senior care services to promote social interaction, such as transportation, shopping assistance, and recreational activity support. At MasterPeace Home Health Care, we provide the care and assistance seniors need to maintain their independence and quality of life. Through a range of senior care services, we help people live their fullest and most dignified life. Fill out our online form to see how we can help your loved one today.

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    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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  • 04/25/2017 - masterpeaceinc 1 Comment
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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