A doctor holding on the end of a stethoscope

How to Communicate With a Senior Parent’s Doctor

After years of caring for their children, there comes a time in many parents’ lives when their children will have to care for them. When the time comes, it is important for adult children to be able to communicate honestly and openly with their parents’ physicians.

Attend Medical Appointments 

When it comes to medical information, some language can be complicated or difficult to understand. This is why it is important to attend appointments with a senior parent, especially when it comes to treatment options or other sensitive information, in order to hear conversations firsthand. This is also an opportunity to exchange important information with the physician, including the best way that one can be reached in case of an emergency. All information learned in appointments should be shared with family members as well as trusted personal care staff.

Get It in Writing

Even for those with the best intentions, communication between physicians can be complicated. This is complicated further when the adult children communicating are not the patients themselves. Instead of taking physicians at face value, get everything in writing whenever possible. Now is also the time to consider a parent’s power of attorney so that it is clear who will be responsible for making decisions in case of emergencies.

Appoint One Family Liaison 

Although it can seem that having every member of the family involved in a parent’s care is for the best so that seniors don’t feel isolated, this can sometimes dilute or confuse things when it comes to medical care. Instead, appoint a single family liaison who will always be in contact with the physician and disseminate the information back to the family. This way, messages are less likely to get mixed up. 

Switch If Necessary

Sometimes, despite the best intentions, communicating with doctors can feel complicated or impossible. When all else fails, one should never feel bad about wanting to seek a new physician with whom communication may be easier.

When it comes to personal care for seniors, family involvement and open communication between family members and physicians cannot be underestimated. If you have questions about communicating with physicians or any other concerns about senior care, get in touch with MasterPeace Home Health Care at (508) 758-3066 today to learn more about our services.